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Abandonment, "The Plague of Most Men"

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What others are saying about

"Abandonment", "The Plague of Most Men"

Damon Jones’ journey from despondency to hope is on full display in his book “Abandonment: The Plague of Most Men.” Without mincing words and by allowing his own life to be an open book, he underscores the promise that “...if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” Regardless of what anyone’s past might be, Jesus enables the possibility of writing a new story a reality. He truly is ”the Hope of Glory.”

Gene Pietrini, Former Pastor-Cottonwood Church-Los Alamitos, CA

"In his book, “Abandonment: The Plague of Most Men,” Damon Jones embodies the pain, anger, and resentment many children experience due to father absenteeism. Unlike many tragic stories of black men in America, Damon's has a happy ending! Damon ultimately gained the love and acceptance from the father he never had through a relationship with his Heavenly Father."

Pastor Kalvin "KC" Cressel, Sr.- Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church of Compton

From The Author

Hello my name is Damon Jones. I decided to share my story with ALL TRANSPARENCY and VULNERRABILITY, in my book entitled, “Abandonment, “The Plaque of Most Men”. A story of Being Bullied, Becoming the Bully, Anger, Sexual Lust, Father issues, Heavy Drinking, Womanizing, and the list goes on. My hope is to be an ENCOURAGEMENT to many boys and men. ESPECIALLY, with the, “BIG LIE” we’re told from an early age. That we’re weak and not strong if we’re: transparent, vulnerable, and emotional.

My book is also a love story. A story of a SELFLESS and GODLY woman, MY WIFE, who loved me, in spite of my stubbornness, childish behavior, and pride. In short, without the love, prayers, and extreme patience of my wife, rooted in Christ, I wouldn’t be the transparent man that I AM today.

My book is available on Amazon Get a copy for YOURSELF or FOR SOMEONE ELSE that can BE ENCOURAGED by my story. Keep making your life the best it can be, on purpose, with purpose!

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Without my Mother's Prayers and Unconditional Love, I would be DEAD or in PRISON!

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